How it works

How it works


Modular Building Systems

This construction method allows the realization of the building in a short time with great economic benefits, while minimizing accidents and ensuring a low cost and long-term maintenance. All components and finishing touches, including the external ones, can be replaced at any time in a simplistic way, depending on the needs and style, with the possibility to recycle the replaced components. The structure of the modular elements is able to withstand earthquakes up to a height of 24 meters of height, while the outer partitions and enclosure systems are designed to reduce energy consumption and to make the building an architectural structure NZEB at an energy level nearly zero.


Fully transportable

The main advantage of this architectural system consist in the possibility to rapidly develop the project and assemble the single modules of the building in the construction, through a accurate quality control, till a final pre-testing. The modules are then transported by road to the destination where they are assembled together on steel foundation.
This construction method allows the realization of the building in a short time with great economic benefits, while minimizing accidents and ensuring a low cost and long-term maintenance.

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The module attachment joints have been designed to completely eliminate the structural thermal bridges. Steel joints and assemblyng devices are designed with suitable insulation to avoid points where critical temperatures can cause surface condensation. In fact, at each internal point, the internal temperature of the elements is higher than 17.7 ° C. This feature is extremely important because a high average radiant temperature due to the correct insulation ensures full comfort with thermostat temperatures set at 18 ° C In this way, energy consumption will be reduced by a further 25%. Below is the behavior of a traditional compartment with a thermostat temperature of 22 ° C The systems have been designed with the provision in the secondary backbone modules and for a quick assembly of the primary backbones and joints when assembling the entire structure. In this way the installation times of the same are considerably reduced, while ensuring high functionality. All units will be equipped with photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. The units will all be certified in class NZEB A4 according to the standards in force for new buildings as of 2019 as required by the European Directives on energy containment.


Confort & Safety

The characteristics of the building’s envelope have been designed to guarantee excellent winter and summer comfort. The dynamic analysis of the main features shows that very low values of periodic transmittance are reached, which leads to excellent phase shift values (greater than 15 h) and attenuation values lower than 0.06. The flow is significantly attenuated and out of phase. Inside the housing module, regardless of the operation of the systems, the temperature and relative humidity remain constant within the comfort zone regardless of external variations.
The housing modules have been designed and calculated to resist the earthquake without damage to the structure and to people. The structure complies with the Italian anti-sismic regulations (very restrictive), with the Eurocodes and adaptable for its simplicity to all world regulations. It has been designed to withstand tornadoes and extreme natural ones. The housing units are designed for high fire resistance. Recycled steel and wood are protected by fireproof elements (fiber gypsum, foams). They are tested for the airtightness of the elements with the Blower Door test UNI EN 13829. In this way, in addition to the passive protection there is active protection: without oxygen in the stratigraphy there is no comburent. Security is guaranteed by a home automation control system (Class A UNI EN 15232) that in addition to closing the external elements automatically when the owners leave home or go to sleep, connect the anti-theft system equipped with cameras. burglar and volumetric detectors, a remote control able to alert the smartphones themselves and the dedicated operations center of law enforcement agencies.